9 reasons why Harry Styles is the next big thing

AAAAAH!! screams the crowd as soon as he enters. Girls go CRAZY for him. His album is no1 in 84 countries and he’s on the top charts in major award ceremonies.

Harry styles ladies and gentlemen, is the NEXT BIG THING.

Why you ask?

1. He sings REALLY well :

Its no doubt that the singer can hit high notes really easily and his voice sounds the same even when he’s not in the studio. In One Direction, he used to have the top singing time being allotted along with Liam and Zayn. Even in his very first famous song, What makes you beautiful, he had a major solo. No doubt that boy can sing well.

This video below is one of his best live performances. You NEED TO check it out.

2. He’s a gentleman :

He’s a GENTLEMAN. A total gentleman. There have been many instances where fans just jumped on him, threw things at him, hit him, and hurt him but STILL, he never got angry.  He smiles it off. Those dimples are enough to stop a war.

Not just that, he has been always kind to everyone. Talks nicely, speak softly and makes sure his fans………READ FULL STORY 


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