There are many days where we just lose against stress. So next time when in stress, do these things…:

When in stress, remember that IT WILL PASS!!

Yes, there is some financial difficulty at the moment. But that happens to everyone! You have had your bad days and they have passed too. Then why won’t this pass? Yes, it will take time. But that doesn’t mean it won’t end. You will eventually find some work and will earn money.


When in stress, remember that BE FIT…

You’re having an exam. You need ENERGY! I know sometimes we are so stressed that we don’t even wanna eat or drink anything. But at least you can drink water right? Also, make a lemonade and put it in the water bottle you’re gonna carry. It gives you energy. Without energy, you’re gonna fail for sure.


When in stress, remember that, YOU HAVE TO LEARN FROM OTHERS…

There are diabetic people, handicapped people, heart patients, roaming around you. You don’t even know that the person sitting next to you in the metro has a kidney problem. That’s because they still come to work. They don’t let their suffering dampen their daily life. Even then, they still smile. Learn from others and complete your responsibility even when in stress.


When in stress, remember that DONT GIVE UP…

Today there was a meeting in my office. I had severe back pain but still, I gave the presentation anyhow. People could sense my pain but still, they kept quiet because I signaled them with my work that “I’m gonna finish what I worked for”.

Two nights, 14 cups of tea, so much electricity, so much paper, so much food, and so much brainwork has been put into this project by me. How can I give that up and let my pain win over my hard work?


When in stress remember that DONT STRESS…

Drowning? Don’t stress. Call for help, swim, start flapping your feet, rise up somehow. (ofc doesn’t apply to extreme drowning cases like in an ocean)

You had put in so many years in school and college. You have gained so much knowledge. Are you gonna let that stress make your brain freeze and let you not retrace the things you learned? NEVER. Don’t panic and don’t let stress win. Relax and think. We have all the solution to our problems. We just need to open the door to the presence of mind.



When in stress, remember that YOU HAVE TO START AGAIN..

Ok, you failed. Ok. What next? Gonna cry all day or gonna give the test again? Yes, definitely your friends will tease you for failing or might even leave you. But then you yourself will realize that they weren’t actually your friends. True friends help when needed.

So get up, wipe your tears, and start studying harder. Skip parties for some days and throw the biggest party ever when you will pass. Patience my boy, patience.




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